CPTR 2017 Workshop Highlights

CPTR members and TB stakeholders reflect on the breadth and value of CPTR and its annual Workshop.


Tiong Xun Ting on Battling MDR-TB

Challenges to diagnosis and treatment

CPTR Data Sharing Tools: TB-PACTS & ReSeqTB

Info about and how to participate in TB-PACTS and ReSeqTB

CPTR: Workshop 2016 Highlights

Washington DC, April 4-7

Christian Lienhardt on TB-PACTS Database

Aggregating and sharing data from multiple clinical trials can yield new insight.

CPTR: Accelerating a new paradigm

Perspectives on the urgency of CPTR’s mission and ongoing efforts

Mario Raviglione on Coordinating Research to End TB

Coordinating new TB treatments and diagnostics, and a sustainable approach to End TB

Martha Brumfield on the Success and Continued Growth of CPTR

How CPTR has grown into a vital and innovative catalyst in the fight against TB

US NIAID’s Anthony Fauci on Halting Drug Resistance

New TB drug regimens and diagnostics are needed to fight TB and MDR-TB

EMA’s Hans-Georg Eichler on Innovation Within Regulation

Instead of gatekeepers, regulators must act as enablers of innovation

Advocate Mayowa Joel on Community Engagement

Effective and sustainable community engagement programs is a critical priority