Martha Brumfield on the Success and Continued Growth of CPTR

When the Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens program (CPTR) was founded five years ago, it set out upon an ambitious mission to foster collaboration between a diverse range of stakeholders in order to accelerate the tools needed to create novel drug regimens to treat tuberculosis – an urgent public health concern, then and now.

In this video, Dr. Martha Brumfield, President and CEO of the Critical Path Institute (C-Path), discusses how CPTR rose above initial skepticism to become an invaluable catalyst in the fight against TB. Initial successes have fostered a deeper trust between CPTR’s members, making possible a new level of collaboration that now involves sharing of data from clinical and nonclinical trials and in vitro experiments as part of this thriving, neutral forum with the infrastructure and oversight to allow for accelerated progress towards the program’s goals.

Of particular note is the expansion of CPTR’s data platform project to include whole genome sequence data from clinical isolates across the globe with the goal of developing new, much-needed rapid drug susceptibility tests. CPTR is poised to help facilitate the creation of new TB drug regimens and deliver them to the patients who need them most.

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