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Data Standards & Integration Workgroup Q3-2015 Update

The DSI-WG provides the information technology (IT) infrastructure to support all CPTR data needs for developing regulatory science tools and methods to enable development of new TB drugs, drug regimens, and diagnostics. A key focus is aggregating all relevant data in a secure database for analysis by the CPTR Workgroups and authorized researchers.

The DSI-WG addresses the requirements of gathering, assessing, standardizing, and pooling disparate sources of clinical and laboratory data into an integrated secure database. The DSI-WG describes the work needed to develop standards for remapping and integrating data from a variety of sources and formats. It also addresses how the Consortium will integrate, submit, store, access, and analyze the data in the centralized system.


3Q2015 Progress:

Data Standard Tuberculosis v2:

Data re-mapping to the TB Standard v1:

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