Research Resources

Enabling Global Research

The CPTR Research Resources Group works to increase the likelihood of successful innovative TB drug development by creating a framework and infrastructure to support the development of novel TB regimens, including:

The Research Resources Group’s approach is multifaceted in fostering an environment for successful innovative TB drug development. The Group works collaboratively with experts from many partners to address the challenges of building the clinical trial and laboratory site capacity and quality; funding for late stage clinical development of TB drugs; global regulatory pathways in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries; access and appropriate use of novel TB drug regimens; and the complexity of TB drug markets.

The Research Resources Group supports efforts that meet the following criteria:

  1. Address a significant hurdle in the critical path to regimen development, which is not already addressed by other Workgroups,
  2. Ceate efficiencies across the CPTR Initiative, and
  3. Increase the potential success and impact of TB regimen development efforts.