Regimen Development

Paving the Way for Regimen Development

The overarching goal of the Drugs Coalition is to bring drug sponsors together to determine how to best use and combine new TB drugs to form regimens that can most dramatically improve TB treatment and save lives. The unprecedented cooperation among all those involved ensure innovation and patient need drive TB regimen development.

Since the establishment of CPTR in 2010, several drug regimen trials have been successfully conducted, and the pipeline of new TB drugs is stronger than ever. Today, regimen development is the “gold standard” for rapid, safe and efficient development and testing of new TB drug combinations.

A preclinical combination program is used to determine the most promising new drug combinations. These combinations are formed from the compounds made available by CPTR Drugs Coalition partners, as well as drugs that are already approved for TB therapy and currently available. The preclinical combination program is overseen by the TB Alliance, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and the University of Illinois, Chicago.

This video clip offers an overview of how TB drug regimens were traditionally developed, and how regimens are being developed faster and more efficiently using the principles championed by CPTR.

More information about the global TB drug pipeline and the promising combinations in treatment can be found at the WHO Stop TB Partnership’s Working Group for New TB Drugs.